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I hate this! every once and awhile my computer messes up, then i'm not allowed online again for anywhere from 30 min to 4 hours.! THIS BLOWS! I hope i havent been hacked. =/ I would like cry. Speaking of crying, i do far too much of that. And i really dont feel like listening to someone trying to make me cry more. Why the hell cant people just mind their own business??? You know how many relationships would be good and strong if other people kept their noses the hell out of them?!? I mean in all the stories you hear, which is proof that people do this altogether too much, and they even spread rumors AFTER they started the rumor to completely fuck the relationship over in the first place!!! UGH! anyway, back on track, how many stories are because she heard he said that he was gonna break up with her for some gay-ass reason and she wanted to be the kicker instead of kickee if there was any kicking and dumped him? or vice versa? Or omg, he cheated on you! and he didnt really...RUMORS FUCKING BLOW! WHY the hell do people actually BELIEVE them!? How stupid can they be? Why even spread them?!? God they are never fucking true! If two people are in a relationship, the rest of the world should fuck off. Just accept that those two are together and not try to ruin everything just for their own entertainment.! or for their own selfish reasons. i mean seriously, if you were to beat up your crushes boyfriend because you wanted her, would she like you? HELL FARKING NO! She'd hate your ass! If you were to tell a lie, to get your crush to dump his girlfriend, and later he finds out it was a lie and he CRUSHED his girlfriend who he cared for, is he going to like you? NO! he's gonna think you are a lieing whore! SO WHY FUCKING MESS WITH IT??? My god!!! People are so fluffing dense!!! ugh!!! Smack them over the head with a large and heavy kitchen appliance.! And people that spread rumors, no offense to those of you that do that i know and am friends with, but god how stupid are you all?!? Why the hell would you do that? it only hurts people. A wise philosopher once said, "Great minds think on and talk on ideas, Small minds talk on people." Yeah, thats a hint.
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