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aawww, oh za puppies... [pronounced bupfeez]

Well it was a beautiful day today, I walked to class barefoot and wore a tank-top and almost felt too hot in the sunlight at times. Faith and I sat outside after dinner and read and ate jelly beans and got visited by a puppy... it made my day. Cute little fuzzy young playful baby puppy. It was so excited, it was running back and forth and it gave me little puppy kisses and it was so soft and cuddly, I wanted to hug it. I miss my dog, I really think there is something incredibly comforting about having a small mammal or other animal that depends on you for survival, especially when they show happy spastic puppy affection.

Speaking of affection, I feel very neglected. I really hate seeing all these couples walking around holding hands. Maybe I'm just bitter because last year I was one of those people for the first time in my life and I miss it bitterly. I feel really lonely lately, and these public displays of affection don't help. Cody has been doing a lot of hinting towards getting back together... I'm really quite tempted. We had a great relationship... maybe it's just magnified by how lonely I feel... how much I really wanna cuddle and be held and kissed and all that stupid crap. I'm even thinking about talking to Jack, that's how bad it's gotten. But I think he's really out of my league. Nothing like spring and being single watching other people together to boost that 'ol self esteem.

You know what else bugs me about spring? Girls. They become so much more noticible in the fact that they start showing 10.6 times more skin. I swear to God, if skirts get any shorter, I might have to vomit. It's so goddamn tacky? And it's not that warm outside. Whatever though, women are taught to be the sex symbol and use sexuality and our bodies as weapons and to go out and buy that new spring fashion line and strut our goods. Two words...
Fuck that.
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